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Las Vaqueras

Las Vaqueras is an all women’s horseback riding club established in 1993 by Judy Foster. We proudly uphold historical Vaquera traditions and heritage, that our name reflects.

Our primary focus is centered around riding and horsemanship, while maintaining a high equestrian recreational standard for our members and guests.  As riders, we have fun, expand our riding circle of friends and create lasting memories. Many of our members live in the area of San Juan Capistrano where Las Vaqueras began. Additionally, we also have club members living throughout the greater Southern California region as well and even a few from neighboring states.

Our club provides equestrian recreation for its members and sponsored applicants. Las Vaqueras is a place to meet a diverse group of women from all riding disciplines. Throughout the year, there are opportunities for increasing our horsemanship knowledge, equine care, trail riding, and horse camping.

We are a non-profit organization promoting both trail riding and community service. We support and contribute to our annually elected charitable organizations with whom we share similar goals and interests. 

We are daughters, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers coming together in Las Vaqueras to value and maintain the traditional western cowgirl way. Our Vaqueras values bring together the past and the present for the future.

Horses, Hearts and Friends!

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