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Interested in Membership?

Membership in Las Vaqueras is by sponsorship only, by a current member, and is limited to 150 women.  

A few spaces open up every year during our membership drive in June to July 15th.

Additionally, our sponsored membership applicants are also invited to participate in many of our events throughout the year. We also have one sponsored guest event per year. 

If you desire to become a member, please inquire with your fellow riders, many whom are already members to acquire a sponsor.  Should you have more questions,

please don't hesitate to contact our current Membership VP.

As an applicant, in addition to having a current member as your sponsor, you will need to get an application packet from your sponsor and pay the $20 fee.  The packet includes an application, emergency contact form and required waivers.

Once your application and payment are received you will be invited to join a Qualifying Ride with your  sponsor.


Your application is to be on file 30 days prior to the Qualifying Ride.  After your ride, the current Board of Directors will vote to accept you as a new member. 

Should you have any further questions, please contact us below...

Thanks! Message sent.

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